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Getting Started

To learn more about Bitcoin, you might start with the article on Wikipedia: Bitcoin.

You will need a bitcoin address and a bitcoin wallet to send and receive bitcoin. Get them free at Coinbase, where you can also buy bitcoin: Create A Bitcoin Wallet On Coinbase.

Xapo also offers wallet services. They use just your email address, which is convenient. They are currently offering 5000 satoshi when you open a free account with them. Because most sites still require a bitcoin address, Xapo does not replace Coinbase, but gives you another option.

A Bit of Terminology

Faucet:  A site that gives you free bitcoin or other alt currencies. Some sites, such as FreeBitco.in, also have optional games of chance where you can multiply your winnings.

Satoshi:  The smallest unit of bitcoin. 1 satoshi = .00000001 bitcoin

Bitcoin Faucets

The sites listed below are those that I personally use because they pay the best. Most also have referral programs, so you can earn much more. For a longer list (a very long list), visit Land of Bitcoin.

Land of Bitcoin:  Drip faucet pays 2 satoshi per minute. Renew the Captcha every 30 minutes. Long list of other faucets and great referral program.

Alien Faucet

Payout averages 2035 satoshi/hr.


Claim 266 satoshi every 15 min.

Bitcoin Zebra

Hourly faucet. Earn up to 2000 satoshi each hour. Pays me 25000+ satoshi per week. Use Xapo bitcoin wallet and get bonus added to payout.

Coin Checkin

Play every 10 min. Win up to 10,000 satoshi.

Daily Bitcoins:  Hourly faucet that pays 50 or 500 satoshi per visit. You can also win credits to advertise on this busy site. (If you win a credit, copy the code then click on your username in the upper right, and click on Redeem Voucher.)

Daily Free Bits

Hourly faucet. Pays from 100 to 1200 satoshi.


Hourly faucet. Pays from 440 to 44,000,000 satoshi (.440 btc). High-low guessing game to multiply your earnings.

Free Bitcoin Now:  Hourly faucet. Like FreeBitco.in. Pays 224 to 22,400,000 satoshi/hr.

Moon Bitcoin--currently my HIGHEST PAYING

Drip faucet. Your payout gradually increases, from 56 satoshis after 5 minutes, to 297 after an hour, to 1498 satoshi after a week. The rate slows down the longer you wait, so you are rewarded for claiming more often. Pays 50 pct. more for using the Xapo wallet.


Hourly faucet. Pays from 229 up to 999999 satoshi.

Quick Bitcoin:  Nearly identical to Moon Bitcoin.


The easiest way to get free bitcoin, litecoin, and other alt currencies. Just sign up, and they credit your account each day. This is currently much slower than the other options, but they say they will pay more in the future.

BTC Rock / Coin Digger
Coin Digger
Was BTC Rock. Site is down while they change over to Coin Digger. Hope this one comes back soon. Hourly faucet. Play a quick game and win 10000 satoshi. If you lose, you still get 370. I won twice the first week.

Bitcoin PTCs

CoinAd:  Highest payment per ad.

BTC Clicks:  Lots of ads.

Bit To Click:  Standard PTC. Pays in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Clix:  Lots of ads.